Administrative Law

Sousouras & Partners Law Firm

Cancellation procedure before Administrative Appeals Courts and Council of State.
Constitutional rights and infringement of unconstitutional administrative acts.

Civil service law, resolution of issues related to the service status of civil servants – mainly military -, civil-criminal-disciplinary liability of civil servants, judicial protection.

Appeals against imputation acts against public bodies before the Court of Auditors.

Administrative contracts, public works and public service concession contracts, legal acts with local authorities related to the lease or purchase of real estate.

Actions for damages against local authorities and legal person governed by public law from tort or contractual liability. Compensation due to infringement of the right to equal treatment.

Expropriations, acts of identification of beneficiary, matters of real law involving the State.


Trademark and trademark protection, national, community and international trademark registration, collective trademark, trademark infringement lawsuits, trademark transfer, rights of expectation on trademarks, licenses.

Registration of intellectual property works, infringement proceedings, registration of related rights.

Patents, file filing and completion of proceedings for obtaining a patent and inventor’s certificate, invention rights, taking actions to remove infringement of industrial property rights, protection of industrial designs and models.

Representation at the Competition Commission, protection of businesses from acts of unfair competition, protection of consumers from unfair and misleading advertising.

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