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Department of Judicial Graphology

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Since 2001, the specialized judicial graphologist Dimitrios Sousouras LLB, M.Sc has been strongly active in the field of judicial graphology, as a Forensic Graphologist – Registered Expert at the Court of First Instance and Magistrates Court of Thessaloniki, as well as in most of the Courts of First Instance and Magistrates Courts of Northern Greece. Graduate of the International Graphology Association (UK), Scientific Associate of the World Association of Document Examiners (Chicago, USA) since 2002 and currently Grophology Diploma at Cambridge School of Graphology. Holder of a Master's Degree of Democritus University of Thrace in the field of Criminal Law and Criminological Sciences with specilization in expert report and author of the book "The expert report in Criminal Law Procedure – Issues of practice in court", Sakkoulas Publications, Criminal Law Series, 2015. With years of experience in combative judicial graphology, the Forensic Graphologist and Expert Dimitrios Sousouras LLB, M.Sc has conducted more than 1,000 judicial expert reports/private opinions always with an objective and responsible investigation of each disputed document. Using appropriate subtractive instruments, special photo-optical instruments, powerful magnifying instruments (Veho DX-2, ESCHENBACH mobilux), photographic instruments of a powerful digital camera (SONY DSC-F717, SONY 6000), with special brightness lenses (Carl Zeiss Vario Sonar) and powerful zooming capabilities from short distances (macro up to 2.5cm, lens SONY 9,5 cm/3.8 in E 3,5/30 MACRO), special computer programs and isolation of writings or signatures, complete and reasoned opinions – expert reports are carried out with a specialty in the recognition of authenticity or forgery of writing and signatures in all kinds of documents (wills, checks, bill of exchange and all kinds of private documents).

The intense involvement in active law for so many years and the special post-graduate studies related to the conduct and operation of the expert report/opinion in the Greek procedural system offer a completed provision of legal services both in terms of the execution of the expert opinion and the advice for its optimal procedural-judicial use.

The operation of our office is based on &”private banking” standards, i.e. the private and personalized provision of legal services.