Property Law

Sousouras & Partners Law Firm

Complete legal services in the field of buying and selling real estate. Legal control of property titles at the Mortgage Registry, Land Registry, issuance of relevant certificates to banks and organizations, presentation of contracts.

Drafting of contractual agreements, private agreements for contractors, builders, landlords, sellers, buyers. Providing legal services in reconstruction with consideration for the builder and the homeowner.

Registrations and cancellations of mortgage and notice of a charge on property.

Providing legal guidance and advice for buying, selling, donating, parental support, long-term lease, real estate exchange, drawing up draft contracts, pre-contracts and individual agreements for any real estate transaction.

Legal actions to claim property, ejectment from county, county injunctions, cases of property use, urban violations, arbitrary, co-ownership, co-ownership, community of rights, usufruct, small or full ownership, horizontal and vertical ownership, servitude, distribution, lien, mortgage, pre-note mortgage.

Land Registry entries, lawsuit and application to the court for correction of land records (property area, title deed, unknown owner, registry data, percentage of co-ownership, right in rem, parking space, etc.).

The operation of our office is based on &”private banking” standards, i.e. the private and personalized provision of legal services.